Gif Sharpening tutorial.

In which I show you how to sharpen an entire gif at one time instead of sharpening frame by frame.

So I’m assuming you already know how to make a gif. If not their are plenty of tutorials you can find on how to make them. I suggest adding whatever psd you want to apply to the gif before sharpening.

Step 1) Go to Select > All Layers

Step 2) After selecting all layers, you want to click the small button on the bottom right of the animation bar.

After clicking this button the animation bar will look like this:

After doing this step you can’t go back o the original animation bar unless you step backward ( Alt + Ctrl + Z), which is kind of annoying. I suggest checking the size of your gif before you do this step to make sure that it is under 1MB and has some lee way so you can sharpen it.

Also, this is the only way I found in which step 3 properly works. If you know of a way to convert to smart object (step 3) without having to change to this animation bar please tell me.

Step 3) After doing step 2, you want to go to Layers > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object

Step 4) Sharpen as usual. The way I sharpen is Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen. And these are the settings I use

After sharpening you can add text or whatever else you want. After converting to a smart object whatever you apply to the gif will apply to the WHOLE gif. Which is why it’s a useful tool for sharpening.

Step 5) Save gif as normal (File > Save for Web and Devices) and make sure the size of the gif is under 1 MB

One thing you MUST make sure you check is that you switch the looping option to ‘forever’.

The default looping after converting to a smart object is ‘once’. But it MUST be set to forever for it to work normally on tumblr.

And than you’re done! It’s really quite simple. It takes a little time to get used too, but it’s WAY faster than trying to sharpen a gif layer by layer.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I’ll answer you to the best of my ability.

I hope you found this helpful!

Edit: I believe this tutorial only works on Photoshop CS5.

I’ve gotten messages from those using CS4 who said they can’t find the small button located on the bottom right of the animation bar.

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